About us:

Ethichem Laboratories -A renowned ayurvedic mecines manufacturing company, based at Ahmedabad (Gujarat), founded and established by Rajendra R.Anjaria in 1980, with the sole aim and object is to spread the message of our benign ayurvedic medicament for promoting health and well being.

We present a wide range of ayurvedic medicines specially for anti malignancy, diabetes, child care, hair care, pregnancy care, immunity boosters and many more. Our most vitally researched product is Anacarnex– which is produced after research on nuts and seeds of Semicarpus Anacardium. It is an anti cancer oral/ herbal preparation for treatment and relief of malignancy.

We have all necessary machineries, quality control implements. Our manufacturing unit holds GMP Certificate and ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Super quality control is maintained at all levels so that the medicines carry the faith or trust which our valued customers/doctors/ vaidyas have put on us.

These medicine are devised and carry the correct therapeutic values processed by EARK- Ethichem Ayurvedic Research Kendra which is highlighted by expert guidelines of reputed vaidyas, apothecaries and medical practitioners. Ethichem Laboratories acknowledges deep sense of gratitude for all round and unstained efforts and support by staff, medical practitioners, agents, wholesale dealers, well wishers and our clientele.

Our Accreditation & certifications:

Our manufacturing unit is GMP (good manufacturing practise) certified by the state drugs licensing authority- Gujarat govt, prescribed as per Drugs and cosmetics act by Govt. Of india

About Founder:

Ethichem Laboratories is the emblem of our age old system of medicines propound and devised by Maharishis like Sushruta and Charak blessed by Lord Dhanvantari.

Prompted by those standard norms, Ethichem Laboratories was established by Rajendra R. Anjaria in 1980. Fully absorbed by highideals of Lok seva and Lok Kalyan , he devoted himself selflessly and singly in the creation of Ayurvedic division of medicines.

He worked indefatigable studying, devising and producing Ayurvedic medicines under the full guidance of Ayurvedic dignitaries in formulation of medicines and correct production care and precautions.

Medicines produced by Ethichem carry the faith of the users as well as Ayurvedic practitioners, chemists, distributors and agents.

The name behind this growing success and trust is Rajendra Anjaria, the founder of Ethichem Laboratories in 1980.